Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Amidst my own positive messages of self healing and encouraging those closest to me to keep in the light, underneath it all is a subterranean sadness I feel for the American people. We are all a people of color. Where boys can paint on their eyebrows and ladies grow beards. We blend genders, races, ethnicities, ideals, values, religions, music, messages, and identities with the underlying message that we are all worthy of living on this sacred Earth. There is a place here for everyone, even as we seek to forgive those who voted in hatred to our highest office. May we surround them with light as we seek to destroy their limited view of our worthiness. May we sharpen our intuition to offer guidance to our young. May we rise up in mindful revolt to reject the narrow minded. And in our rejection, may we offer them healing as they have been wronged, too, so deeply by our capitalist and greedy society. Today, play patty-cake with a grown adult, look into their face and notice the beautiful color of their eyes. The Divine is here, within us. Let us glow together. 

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