Friday, June 3, 2016

Harvard; I want you

I have listened to the Harvard School of Education 2016 spoken word graduation speech only once. It was on an airplane back from New York. The plane was bigger than the usual one and I had the row to myself. I was later thankful for that because I enjoyed my chill bumps and tears privately as I watched him speak. For now, I cannot remember is name.

I reply back to him:

We exchange energy when we educate. Learning is a human business; a social art. It's not content work it's context work. Schools are institutions both spiritual and scholastic. I do not know how to disconnect the two. As teacher and student come together in the cosmic dance, gravity is there, but so are the individual masses of the knowledge both humans hold close. The electricity is allowed as both adult and child are free to open their currents to each other. Sure, there may be spark. Sure, there may be light. But more importantly there is connection and exchange in truly informative interactions. Teachable moments are transformative and they are conductors transferring the heat of knowledge to anyone within proximity. 

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