Friday, November 1, 2013

Chauvet Cave Rumination

Also tonight, I finished a documentary on a Paleolithic cave in France, Chauvet Cave, where the oldest known rock paintings were found. Carbon dated around 35,000 yrs ago, they are almost double those which we have previously known. There were 29,000 yr old torch marks, the charcoal dust accumulated at the source has been left undisturbed. Bear tracks cradle crystallized skulls of mammoths, wolf tracks walk side by side a child's. An ice lion and his mate snuggle against one another. Horses and rhinos dance. This cave has been crafted by early human magicians. They burned incense and made their palm prints in red. One had a crooked little finger.

What have I made my print on? I can remember back to a night I went out street stomping with some girlfriends in Boone and we passed the frame of an unfinished house. I pulled out a sharpie and wrote a love poem on the skeleton beams. Who will read those haste words? I can not even remember the street where we walked. It is my Chauvet cave and I hope one day someone will carbon date its ink.

It is in this way the modern life takes shape. Couples too smart to stay together. Wives brave enough to go it alone. 

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