Sunday, August 18, 2013

Manifest Destiny

I've thought and thought and thought and thought and thought for the last five years. Now it's time to write. I don't know what I will write about; I do not know what interests you anymore. I'm not funny or witty, that only happens in my real life. On paper, or rather on the screen, I am somber, I am thoughtful or maybe I am too depressing! I don't want to end up with my head in a oven or anything like that. I want to write about life, because Life is really all there is to talk about.

Today, just a few minutes ago even, I ate a Persian cucumber and left the bitten stub on the couch. I left the room for only a few seconds, in fact just long enough to pick up my computer and and came back and was startled by it sitting there and thought, "What the..." until I realized it was my leftovers- why do things like this happen to humans?