Sunday, August 26, 2012

It’s difficult to understand how it’s been so long. Like the thought of even trying to paint my nails a year ago, would have been painful. There was nothing shiny then. I’ve been there many, many times before; when the whole world looks gray from the inside. And you think, there’s no way she can go on.

But miraculously, she does. She picks up her glass, stows it, fills it up again, wakes up, butters toasts, pours coffee, laughs, brushes her teeth, smashes her face in a pillow, ties her shoes, steps off onto the floor, makes diner reservations and cranks her car. All of these actions work to carry on the memory of so many precious before us. Imagine the world filled with all the souls who ever walked- what a packed space! And yet we live with their energy everyday.

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