Friday, December 12, 2008

Morning Mistress Wakes You

I've run a crystal dagger dagger
through the lungs of your 
loving body. But I have barely missed
your Heart. I feel it pumping
                .                 . Feeding your 
extremities the blue they need most. 

A while ago, when I shaded
my Heart from Truth, I
could live, halfway,
eating and drinking only at dusk. 

Now I am unshrouded 
and have let your breathlessness
fully enter and uncover our shared,
shaking agony lying there like discarded,
unused pens. 

You have slept with your sadness and
learned to welcome her in the morning. 
A new mistress waiting to pluck open your
eyes to the sun. 

How she loves to see you smile 
with your eyes closed, last night's dreams
crusting them shut in the half light. Rub them
for waking while you groan to be left alone
like the dustrays on our wooden floor.
Wake up!
Wake up!

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